About me

My name is Martin Gomme.

My father was a woodwork teacher when I was very young and I am sure that the smell of wood shavings was imprinted somewhere at the back of my brain at that early age. Even now the aroma of certain woods and polish prompts memories of visits to his school workshop in the holidays.

As I grew up my father became a maths teacher and I went to a traditional boys’ grammar school which meant that Woodwork and Art were soon dropped in favour of more academic subjects. Much later, in 2004, my search for a new hobby crystallised after a visit to the annual woodworking show at Alexandra Palace and I bought my first lathe and tools soon after.

I have since followed the usual woodturner's path by upgrading my lathe and acquiring more tools and as much wood as possible!

When I first started woodturning I was pleased to find that the Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire Branch of the AWGB (Association of Woodturners of Great Britain) held its meetings very close to my home, so I was immediately able to tap into a great pool of woodturning expertise via the members and professional demonstrators. I was elected club Chairman in 2008, a position I held until 2016 when I decided that the club needed a break!